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Hello! My name is Claudia and I’m a virtual educational therapist based in San Francisco, California and Maui, Hawaii. I work with students of all ages on a variety of learning needs, such as foreign language, reading and writing, brain injury and concussion recovery, 504 & IEP advocacy, and homeschooling and international learning support. I love having the opportunity to support students’ growth and confidence in these areas.

I am a member of the Association of Educational Therapists. I have two certifications in educational therapy, one from UC Riverside and UC Santa Cruz. I have two masters degrees, one in Foreign Language Acquisition from San Francisco State University and another in Education and Technology from The University of San Francisco. I am also credentialed to teach Italian and English by California Commission of Teachers and have over ten years of in classroom teaching experience. I was an associate English professor at Syracuse University and taught listening and speaking English as a foreign language at The Academy of Art University and City College of San Francisco.

Prior to becoming an educator, I spent ten years working for the United Nations in
countries such as Pakistan, Sudan, and Indonesia. During that time, I became fascinated with the process of learning English as a foreign language and the complexity of language
acquisition overall. This brought me to my passion for pedagogy and led me down the career
path of becoming an educational therapist.

As an educational therapist, I believe it is important to foster creativity in sessions so learners can creatively express themselves. Everyone has a different approach to learning. If an educational therapist is able to accept each approach, the learner will become more actively involved in their education. It is the educational therapist's role to be aware of diversity among learners. Through interactive learning and creativity, I always take into consideration the different cultures and learning styles within my clientele

"Claudia has a nice, relaxed touch in the classroom, but she has no trouble commanding and directing students attention... Claudia holds a high standard of excellence to herself and carries out all of her responsibilities with care and accuracy."

- The Hamlin School

"[Claudia] had developed a good rapport with the students, who were attentive and cooperative in all activities. The class was well-organized... students seemed prepared for the work."

- Syracuse University

"Claudia is one of the most dedicated, motived, caring teachers I have known or trained. She has a sincere desire and talent to help all children who work with her to acquire strong skills, in an emotionally and ethically supportive classroom. She is kind and loving, empathetic and generous, and also not afraid to set high standards for her students and maintain discipline in the classroom when necessary. She is intelligent, organized, prepared, thoughtful, cooperative, and eager to work with colleagues, administrators, families, and others beyond the school walls."

- Ronda Calef, founder of WEEKEND en Español®

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