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Foreign Language

I offer services related to learning Spanish, Italian, and English as a foreign language. As an educational therapist, I often work supplementally with learners who are enrolled in foreign language classes. In this case, I help learners with their assignments as well as their language acquisition. I also offer test preparation assistance for the AP Spanish Exam. Additionally, I offer private one-on-one instruction for learners of all ages who are not currently enrolled in a foreign language program.


I have a master’s degree in Foreign Language Acquisition from San Francisco State University and I completed my undergraduate degree in Italian Language and Literature from the University of Bologna: DAMS and UC Davis. I also have ten years of teaching experience. I taught K-5 technology in Italian at Marymount International School in Italy. I taught Spanish at a private elementary school in Marin County and high school and AP Spanish at a private high school in Maui, Hawaii. I taught Italian at Lowell High School. I also received an MCER B1 Certification in Spanish Language and passed the United Nations Language Proficiency Examination for Spanish.

Acquired Brain Injury & Concussion Recovery


I offer educational therapy to those dealing with the impacts of acquired brain injury or concussion. Personal experience has taught me the trials and tribulations that a brain injury can bring to one’s educational journey. This has motivated me to aid others in similar circumstances. As an educational therapist, my goal when working with learners with acquired brain injuries or concussions is to cultivate their success in the classroom while imparting skills that will extend beyond. These skills specifically center around executive function, which will empower growth in both education and lifestyle. The long term effects of brain injuries can be wavering and unpredictable. Part of my approach is to develop compensatory strategies that build confidence in the face of this. Continue to the next section to learn more about executive function skills.

Executive Functon Skills


In addition to attaining my certifications in educational therapy, I’ve completed a certification in executive function skills through Seeing My Time®. Executive function refers to a plethora of mental skills related to working memory, critical thinking, and self-regulation. Developing executive function skills promote better focus, organization, task-completion, empathy, and self-awareness.  

504 & IEP Advocacy


Even with educational therapy, ensuring that learners get the proper accommodations in the classroom is crucial to their academic success. Students with physical or learning disabilities have the right to a safe and positive learning environment. However, there may be obstacles to accessing accommodations, such noncompliance or inaction by their school.


This leaves students and their families in a very frustrating position. As an educational therapist, I can help students and their families navigate these situations. Part of this is providing support in the process of developing a 504 or an IEP plan. 504 plans are for tailoring the experience of students entering a special education program. IEP plans are for students who need adjustments to be made by their school due to disability. Guidance and advocacy through this process can make a huge difference in the stress it incurs. I cannot provide legal advice or be substituted for a lawyer in any circumstance.

Reading & Writing Skills


I offer a variety of services related to reading and writing skills for learners of all ages. I work supplementally with students enrolled in classes to aid them with their assignments and milestones related to reading and writing. I also work with learners who are in need of a personalized approach to developing reading and writing skills. These services also extend to improving essay-writing and helping with the college application essays. I am certified in the Slingerland Based Spelling and Writing Skills Approach and the Lindamood Bell Reading Skills Approach which I apply in these services.

Homeschooling & International Learning Support


Educational therapists can be very valuable to the support systems for homeschooled and international learners. Families of homeschooled learners often choose this path for their education as an alternative to traditional or standardized learning approaches. I aim to provide a personalized and adaptable experience to everyone I work with, an approach that can easily be tailored to alternative learning methods. Furthermore, some choose homeschooling because of how stress-inducing traditional schooling can be. Stress reduction is one of my biggest priorities as an educational therapist.


When international learners change schools, education systems, and academic expectations, it can also be a very stress-inducing experience. It can be very difficult for students to deal with feelings of instability and unfamiliarity. An educational therapist can provide consistency and comfort in the process of adaptation. Furthermore, frequent changes of their learning environment can create a disjointed image of a student's progress, making it very difficult to keep track of their academic progress. By taking a continuous role in an international learner’s education, I can provide insight into their education and well-being while supporting their growth. 

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