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Sessions are 50 minutes in duration and are conducted online via Zoom. I take care to provide an interactive and engaging experience in a virtual setting.

Sessions generally are scheduled one, two, or three times a week, based on the individual's needs. Weekly time slots are assigned and held throughout the year or a designated time period. Regular attendance is essential for steady progress. Please make every effort to attend (or to have your learner attend) all scheduled sessions.


Please be mindful of session start and end times, as other learner's appointment will likely be scheduled before and after your/your learner’s session. All sessions that begin later than the scheduled session time must end at the regularly scheduled end time and clients will be billed at the full session rate. If the client has not yet arrived fifteen minutes after the appointment is scheduled to begin without notification of lateness or cancellation, the session will be regarded as being a missed appointment and the full session fees will be charged. For clients under the age of 18, parents/guardians will be notified if they do not arrive to the session. Missed sessions will appear on the monthly invoice, listed as “uncancelled missed session.”


If sessions are not cancelled 24 hours in advance, you will be responsible for the fee since the time has been reserved for you. If a student is unable to attend a session, please give notice as soon as possible as a courtesy to the therapist and other clients waiting for additional sessions. Please give notice of cancellation by texting me directly.*


Educational therapy begins with consultation with parents, formal and informal assessments, and review of outside testing and evaluation. Treatment areas are established based on each child's specific learning profile.



For a separate weekly charge per subject, I can create personalized take-home exercises designed to help you/your learner work on independent improvement.




Upon request, written progress reports will be provided to learners/learner’s families annually at no cost. These reports are delivered via email, giving an overview of the learner’s long-term progress. Parents of young learners are encouraged to share these reports with school personnel or other professional working with them.


A charge will be charged for progress assessments for current Learning Mind clients who would like a formal reevaluation of specific areas of focus. In this event, please give at least three weeks’ notice to ensure I have enough time to thoroughly complete the assessment and complete a detailed report.




An hourly rate is charged for all consultation services, including conferences with family members, school personnel, and other professionals. However, an initial intake conference with parents will be conducted at no charge. 


Parents are encouraged to call, text, or email* me to briefly discuss any concerns that they may have regarding their child’s educational progress. There is no charge for this communication. Phone calls longer than 15 minutes with parents will elicit this charge. All consultation service charges will be included on your monthly invoice.



Invoices will be sent via email on the last day of each month. I accept cash, checks, and electronic payments.* Payment is to be sent within 10 days of receiving the invoice. Each time a payment is received, a payment confirmation will be emailed to you. Any outstanding balances may incur a late charge.


Good communication is an essential part of educational therapy, so should you have any questions, please feel free to call, text, or email.*


The Learning Mind is private pay and does not accept insurance.



Learners are expected to be respectful of themselves, others, materials, and the learning environment. Because toys and other small items can distract young learners from our goals, they are encouraged not to bring them to sessions. Similarly, food and drinks are also a distraction and should not be brought to sessions. Please help enforce these behavior rules.

Because The Learning Mind is virtual, an environment with limited distractions is encouraged. I will keep you informed of the technologies and procedures necessary to create a productive virtual learning environment.

*My mailing phone number and mailing address will be provided in a welcome email

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